Seth Campos

Research-focused information design

Information design, research, data visualization, motion design, visual design

Seattle is one of the most significant cities in the United States when it comes to the topic of homelessness. While Seattle is the 18th largest city in the United States, it has the 3rd largest population of individuals experiencing homelessness. The goal of this project was to raise awareness on the topic of homelessness through a respectful, empathic, and research-focused approach. This was to be accomplished by learning and understanding the nature of information design, and its role in examining and presenting information in a way that makes sense and is relevant to a specific audience.

Building a strong base of research was the foundation of this project. I realized I had to focus specifically on finding information and sources that could relate to each other, so I could provide context that would allow me to demonstrate the significance of the data. I learned that simply displaying a large figure such as “11,000 people are homeless in a single night in King County” does not provide an audience with anything meaningful. Instead, the challenge is to provide supporting information, comparisons, and reference points so a reader or viewer can understand the problem better.

In addition to gathering overall numbers on King County homelessness, I looked for comparison numbers from other U.S. cities, as well as demographic information, homelessness duration, government spending, and information on the types of programs focused on addressing homelessness.

I wanted to be able to arrange these pieces of information so they would complement each other. This took many iterations as I tried different ways to present each type of information.


The two final applications of this data were a poster set and a video.

For the poster set, I focused on arranging a large amount of content with the intention of creating a sense of hierarchy that would show the reader what to look at and guide them through the posters.

With the video, I took the opportunity to make it a more linear format, in order to make the order and hierarchy clearer. My focus was on presenting the information in a logical order so that it makes sense and adds together to present its case.


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